Name of the Puzzle:  Snow
Difficulty level:  Expert
Number of pieces: 100 (10×10)
Other levels available:  Yes

Number of pictures to choose from: 4
Pictures depict: 4 different snowy landscape

About this puzzle: This by far our hardest puzzle.  The puzzle contains a lot of different pieces and a lot of pieces look very similar to each other.  You need to be careful so that you but the right piece of snow in the right place.  This puzzle will be default start with an image that is only 10 moves distorted. I.e it can be solved in 10 moves.  This makes it very easy to solve it if you make the right move but it can quickly become harder if you make the wrong ones.  The default setting is the easiest setting for this puzzle.  If you try playing it on the hard level you will get a true challenge since it will take a minimum of 60 moves to restore the image.  (pieces have been moved 60 times)

You can reduce the number of pieces used if you want to make the puzzle easier to solve.  The puzzle is only available on expert and child level. There is no intermediate version available.