Name of the Puzzle:  Cats
Difficulty level:  Easy
Number of pieces: 9 (3×3)
Other levels available:  Yes

Number of pictures to choose from: 4
Pictures depict: Grey Cat, Red Cat, Cat in tree, Kittens

About this puzzle: This puzzle is designed for children who have learned how to master the cartoon animal puzzle and is looking for something a little more challenging while still suitable for children.  All the pictures depicts cute cats and kittens.  The pieces are large and it is easy to understand how the picture is supposed to look. 

Older cat lovers can choose to increase the difficulty level of this puzzle in the top left corner of the puzzle to make it more challenging and fun for adults.  You can choose to play it with 9, 16 or 25 pieces.  You can also choose how well shuffled the pieces should be before the game starts.  Set the puzzle to 25 pieces and hard difficulty if you want a challenge.