Name of the Puzzle:  Flowers
Difficulty level:  Intermediate
Number of pieces: 36 (6×6)
Other levels available:  Yes

Number of pictures to choose from: 4
Pictures depict: Rose, Flowers, Sunflower, Poppy

About this puzzle: This is our hardest intermediate puzzle.  The reason for this is the fact that the flowers depicted can look somewhat abstract to the casual observer. It can be a little bit hard to know which piece belongs where.  If you love flowers you will find the puzzle more easy than others might. The sunflower is the easiest flower to start with and the rose is the hardest. 

The puzzle will be default give you a only slightly distorted image that is easy to solve. Choose a harder difficulty to get a picture that is considerable harder to solve.

You can reduce the number of pieces if you find it hard or if your child wants to try the puzzle.