Name of the Puzzle:  Dolphin
Difficulty level:  Intermediate
Number of pieces: 36 (6×6)
Other levels available:  Yes

Number of pictures to choose from: 4
Pictures depict: 4 differnt Dolphin pics

About this puzzle:  This puzzle featured 4 different pictures of dolphins. This is the easiest of our puzzle for adults.  The reason that the puzzle is easy is because there is a lack of small details and it is easy to know where each picture is supposed to go. The puzzle will shuffle the pieces 10 times by default. This makes the puzzle easy to solve.  Choose a high difficulty level if you want it to be harder to solve.

This puzzle is suitable for children if you reduce the number of pieces used. Use a 3×3 grid for small children and a 4×4 or 5×5 for a little bit older children.