Name of the Puzzle:  Dogs
Difficulty level:  Easy
Number of pieces: 9 (3×3)
Other levels available:  Yes

Number of pictures to choose from: 4
Pictures depict: Dog running in water, Cute dog, Wonderful dog, Dog Face

About this puzzle: The dog puzzle is suitable for children that is at least 4 -5 years old and that has finished the cartoon puzzle.  This puzzle is a little bit harder then the cat puzzle.  The reason for this is that this puzzle contains smaller details.  All the pictures in this puzzle depicts lovely dogs.  The easiest picture to start with in this puzzle is the dog face.  You can change image by clicking image in the top left corner of the puzzle.

The top left corner of the puzzle also lets you increase the difficulty setting for the puzzle. Choose a 5×5 grid and hard mood if you want a challenge.